Video FREE TO STREAM – Sample Ads

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Only Paul Murton 41-299-0767

Col Mustards

Pardon My Garden

Pardon My Garden ad two

Wolf Den

Pet Valu – Pet store in PortHope

travel agent next door

travel agent next door 2

Crafts n things


Ad For Lakeridge ChryslerDodge Jeep Ltd.

Ad For Paint Store # 2

Ad For Paint Store

Ad For Nearly New in Port Hope

Colour Concepts

Vine To Wine

Ad For custom mini sticks

Ad For vinyl records pressing

Ad For no charge backs

Ad For my nfc

Ad For





Video FREE TO STREAM – Events

From the site “red carpet events

04 red carpet events

03 red carpet events

02 red carpet events

red carpet events 01

Content :RC Show Canada’s Leading Foodservice & Hospitality Expo Advance Media Event 2023

#2 RC Show

#3 RC Show

#4 RC Show

Video FREE TO STREAM – Fashion


Replace costly cable packages with our channels of FREE news, sports, viral videos, trivia and more. Same Spec as yourTube (1080p (HD): 1920×1080)

fashion page’s videos – Hamilton Fashion Week 11

fashion page’s videos – Hamilton Fashion Week 10

fashion page’s videos – Hamilton Fashion Week 09

fashion page’s videos – Hamilton Fashion Week 08

fashion page’s videos – Hamilton Fashion Week 07

The Power of Digital Signage

Your very own video ad to use as you wish! Once we produce it for you, it’s all yours to post on YouTube, on your social media, Facebook, etc. But there’s more. Did you know that search engines like Google, and social media platforms LOVE videos? You’re far more likely to be seen with one or more?

Customers live in a face-paced, digital world, and, when it comes to advertising, how and what they pay attention to is a reflection of that world. Posters and flyers aren’t just costly- they don’t work anymore. People nowadays need something that catches their attention; something that moves around, something colourful, enticing and something that doesn’t simply fade over time. offers all of these features and more. It’s kind of like a custom version of CP24. We will create custom software to entertain and advertise to clientele while they wait, and while they enjoy everything the GTA has to offer. The screens show local traffic, weather, news from around the country and entertaining videos like fashion shows, the car show, and YOUR ADVERTISEMENT; for any goods or services you offer, and/or any current or upcoming specials or promotions. It’s a great and innovative new way to reach new customers!

For our low cost, you not only get your custom 30 second ad to use as you wish, you get your ad playing 56 times/day in a local business. That’s 1,680/month and 20,160/year. Works out to just pennies per Advertisement! If you want your ad to play on more screens, that’s up to you. Just multiply your cost by the amount of screens. ***Advertisements guaranteed local and non-competing (eg. dental office and restaurant, not restaurant and restaurant). 

The process is simple. All you have to do is contact us and we will come in and give you a presentation geared towards your particular type of business. Once you sign the contract we will come and take some videos (as part of the package) of your business for your custom ad and then we are off and running. Your ad can be changed as often as you like for a small fee.

Reach new clientele every day, enhance your social media and stand out with Toronto Signage Digital.