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Advertising On Le Spot Billiard Lounge

How many times does your 30 second ad run?

We run a ten minute cycle of ads that are repeated daily. Six times per hour.
So that is 84 times per day your ad runs. Monthly 2,520 times
This is a yearly contact So 30,240 times per year

What set up costs are there for a one page file?

None. However if you want a video you would be required
to pay for that

Can I change the ad?

Your first ad is included Additional changes $30 per ad

What are the technical Specs for this ad

TV is a 55 inch
Specs: png File or video
1920 Pix
1080 Pix

Can I upload My Business Card or Art?

Form For Art

Location Info

Le Spot Billiard Lounge is located at
4531 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 1V3

Licensed for 130 people
The Manager Is Marko
Video showing the club’s installation
of the TV

Ad Info

Video showing typical content
Samples Of Types Of Ad

One Time $$Per MonthPer Week
30 Seconds
Sellimg Price (12 Months) $300.00 $25.00 $5.77
One Location
60 Seconds
Sellimg Price (12 Months) $500.00 $41.67 $9.62
One Location
Video Upgrade $200.00

One Payment Visa Amex, Visa, MasterCard

Paul Murton
Media Content
416-299-0767 #404
Cell 416-567-7285



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