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Your “Selfie” TV Network Toronto

Your “Selfie” TV Network

Let us help you promote your ‘Selfie’ at your bar, live on TV!


The best part is your can make up to $9,000 a year

Introducing the ‘Selfie’ TV Network from www. torontosignage.digital.

All you need is one or more TV monitors in your bar to promote your ‘Selfie’ TV Network to your customers.

We will connect a ViewSonic NMP-302WX Network Media Player and a remote web-based CPU to your TV monitors. This service is at no cost to you.With the ‘Selfie” TV Network, your TV monitors will become a valuable in-house promotional tool for your establishment

THE BEST PART.. Why would you, as a bar owner, sacrifice a screen
during hockey season to reiterate what’s already written on three chalkboards?

THIS IS WHY.. for every advertiser who purchases a ‘spot’ on your screen,

YOU GET PAID! It’s a minimum of $25/month/ad, which means you can earn up to or more than $750/month ($9000/year!).

Our estimation is that your TV Monitor will display approximately
120 promotional ads (each ad is 30 secs) per hour.

You can take advantage of these EXCITING promotions (listed below)to appear on your TV monitors which your customers will view.

1. We will encourage your customers to take a ‘Selfie’ and text us at toronto signage from their smartphone. Our graphic artists will then assemble the shots to appear live on your TV monitors with your bar logo within 45 minutes This ‘Selfie’ promotion will motivate your customers to watch your TV Monitor often to view their Selfie. You can also email your staff ‘Selfies’ or little bits of local news of interest to your clientele to appear on the screen before the night gets into full swing. When your customers are watching your TV monitors they will also see the following promotions:

2. Your menu and bar specials (wing night etc) will be advertised on your TV monitors.

3. Your upcoming events (hockey night, bikini shows, etc).

4. We can also send out mass text alerts to your customers (from phone numbers in our database) to advertise upcoming events and specials. We can also provide them with a special code for free admittance and promotions at your request.

5. In order to provide this free service to you, we will also display a minimum of outside sponsorship from relevant brewing/beverage companies, Uber taxi, real estate reps etc. These sponsors will be charged a small fee for their 30-sec ads.

6. We’ve been doing this a while with a number of establishments, and, over time, we’ve discovered that advertisers will start spending time in places that broadcast their advertisement.. It could be out of their vicinity, or somewhere they never would have noticed, but suddenly they are there a few times a week just in case somebody shows interest. They might even become a regular.. get to know the staff to establish local ties and trust, create a good name when they aren’t around.

All these services will be provided by www.torontosignage.digital at absolutely no cost to you.

Paul Murton
C: 416-567-7285
E: paul@torontosignage.digital
W: www.torontosignage.digital



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